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Today, it’s possible to initiate mobile loans through your dedicated Fadhili mobile app and get decision instant. This enable you to access Mpesa finance anytime, anywhere in Kenya. No paperwork is required. Fadhili offer low interest loans within 3 minutes!

 The Quick Fadhili Loan offer:

The Quick Fadhili Loan offer: 1. Loan Amount: Ksh 500 ~ 1,000,000 2. Minimum Repayment Period: 91 days, Maximum Repayment Period:36 months 5. APR: 12%. Interest 12%. Account Management Fee: Ksh 400 payable annually EXAMPLE: If the loan amount is Ksh 20,000 for one year loan term with the total fees of 12%, then the APR will be Ksh 2,400 which is also the loan fee. Total Cost of loan is Ksh 2,400. Sample Monthly Repayment is Ksh 1,867. Sample Interest Calculation: Ksh 20,000X12%/100%=Ksh 1,200

 How to Pay your Fadhili Loan

1. Go to your Safaricom menu and select M-Pesa. 2. Select Lipa na M-Pesa. 3. Select the Pay Bill option. 4. Enter the business number 995321. 5. Enter your Fadhili registered phone number as the account number. 6. Enter your payment amount. 7. Enter your M-Pesa PIN.

 Technical Assistance

If Fadhili loan app is crashing, hanging or unable to register you after submitting your details you can easily fix that yourself! Before contacting us, please go to your: Phone Settings>Apps>Fadhili>Clear Data/Cache/Storage > Then proceed enter details afresh and proceed and start applying. You can uninstall and install app afresh if the problem persists

How Fadhili Works

Go to google playstore in your android phone and search for the app Fadhili. Download it and it will get installed automatically.

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Why Are We Here?

We are here to help communities with financial assistance that can be trusted.

Loan application Assistance Fadhili uses your answers to the loan application questionnaire as one component of determining your credit worthiness and debt capacity. Please answer the questionnaire correctly & truthfully. Unemployment or level of education will not prevent you from getting a loan but providing inaccurate information might. Loan Approval/Rejection Loan decisions are based on many pieces of information, including income, social media activity, repayment of other loans, M-pesa usage and 10,000 data points. Users provide this information by filling out our in-app survey from which our software builds a personal credit file using complex algorithms. This allows us to provide loans more quickly and to more people in real time than traditional banks. We are providing access to credit to everyone who can afford it Payment Schedule There are no payment fees for paying your Fadhili loan early. In fact, early and on-time payments will help you qualify for longer repayment loans in the future. Missing loan repayments may result in fees, lower loan limits or inability to get a subsequent loan from us as well. You may also be contacted by collection agents if you do not repay your loan on time. In event of a long period of non-payment you may be blacklisted from Fadhili and also reported to relevant Credit Reference Bureaus

Core Values

As a long established and trusted Kenyan loan company , our core values reflect what we believe in and are the foundations on which we have built our reputation over time. They identify our beliefs and influence the way we behave as a loan company and as individuals.

Our Core Values Are :






What our customers say

" Fadhili made me feel like a valued customer and I feel empowered to chart my own path after receiving my loan through Fadhili . Many thanks."

" The experience with Fadhili was great , very easy to apply and I got the loan immediately after applying ."

" The customer service was excellent and were quickly able to sort out my issues in loan application and soon got the loan "

" With Fadhili small emergencies can be taken care of quickly "

" I have managed to expand my business all thanks to Fadhili. "